About Us

Founded in 2019,May 15 Zedhousezambia started as an online music promotion on Facebook. Then ideas of creating a brand selling agency emerged After realising the impact social media has.The website www.zedhousezambia.com was created using online initiative resources. The website promotes Zambian music,provides content and market for brands as it also reflects stories and backgrounds of zedhousemates

What is Zedhouse Reality show?

Zedhouse is an online reality show that operates more like big brother.21 housemates are put in a WhatsApp group which we call The House for 33 days and then a house Party is held to allow them to meet.

This initiative is to impact social media with positive change.zedhouse realize how social media is eating up the world,our culture and morals hence the need to influence it with initiatives such us this.

The Party
The party is a long awaited Event that brings all local housemates together, meeting for the first time.its purpose is to bring unity,fun and social impact on the participants.

The party is a live show and is a broadcast episode hosted by a TV presenter.at the party housemates are interviewed over their experience in the house thereby allowing a lot of activities.

Evictions and the grand finally
After the closed party for housemates. road to the grand finally along with Serious Evictions starts.
The grand finally is the biggest event for zedhouse as it features performing artists, Motivational speakers and many other stake holders. This time the first three winners are given free entry to season two and the first winner according to the judges, online votes, performance, and task presentations is crowned winner of season one.

The winner gets cash prize plus firm.may also be rewarded by the sponsors pledges.

Innovative impact on social media.
To sensitive ,innovate,market brands and create an enabling environment for social change.

To be the most appreciated online reality show that will not only impact positive change on social media users but the business world as a whole..

Zedhouse Zambia is a Zambian organization who’s arms and soul purpose is to bring competition and provide quality services to its affiliates,to promote art and Zambian music. Zedhousezambia has no purpose or intention to breach any governing law of the republic of Zambia or use any persons name or identity without their concert.
All content, publicity,brand,#tags used on any of our social media platforms or our website www.zedhousezambia.com shall not be duplicated or copyright by any individual.
Zedhouse Zambia has the right to protect its clients name or identity if need arise.
Zedhouse Zambia is a law abiding Agency and is not affiliated to any political party.

contact details
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E-mail: zedhousezambia@gmail.com
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