Artist Frayo leaves Too lit


One of the prominent member of a well known  music group Too lit,Frayo has gone solo.

It is not clear what prompted his withdrew from the group but it was seen from  his facebook handle were he stated for personal reasons he hard to step down.

“This goes out to all Too Lit Music supporters”from facebook

“ I know you guys have been following and supporting the Too Lit Music group, it’s unfortunate that I have to announce to you guys that i “Frayo” will be going solo from now onwards. It’s been quite a good experience working with my hommies “Molly Breezy” & “King Naz”

I’ve learnt a lot from them and am willing to work with them anytime anyday

But as the wise men quote “A man needs to learn to stand on his own”

I’ve made this move for some personal reasons”

Frayo has since thanked his fans and everybody who supports him stating that he will be setting up a movement tagged   “Team Frayo” on facebook and twitter .

The too lit have done songs like RingRing,Drop it among others


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