CHIPATA GOSSIP-Greediness, selfish and jealous is the one killing chipata music industry-QlassicAbove


Greediness, selfish and jealous is the one killing chipata music industry.

There is too much jealous, greedy and selfishness in chipata music industry this is the reason why artists are on the same level for years. If we take a clear look there is too much of wack music supporting people who we think represent eastern province o rather chipata in particular ain’t that dope ain’t that talented I think chance should be given to th new upcoming stars to showcase there talent. And it’s like some artists they have people that they want to see progress others they don’t support. We should take examples of other provinces how they cooperate. There some artists we know that they gat connection but thy don’t have talent for that they fail to support others because thy can’t make it. To be real am an example of artists who was overlooked and treated like we gat no future but c my level now, artists like yotam d, pmj, iq muzatasha, Tyga bull, deyestar the few to mention these artists are the future of chipata music who can put CPT on another level youth with bright vision but they are not appreciated enough. To be honest many artists who are been favoured are those who gat no future. So if we eliminate these three greediness and selfishness, jealous Chipata music Wil change. So long we don’t eliminate these our industry Wil never change Wil get old with th dream of blowing. My opinion no hard feelings ClassiQabove #one of those kings

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