Critical Thinking-Innovation Week


Innovation Week

July 29, 2019


In life, there are two things, it is either you believe or not.

It is either you say yes or not.

It is either you believe you are innovative or not.

Right now, you are struggling to believe whether you are innovative or not.

It is either you will be a Critical Thinker or not.

Believe always that you are great.

Believe your idea can be used by many.

Once again, in life, there are two things, it is either you believe or not.

When you look at yourself again, do you believe you are an innovator?

Do you believe your innovation is want the world is waiting for?

Do you believe your idea is an innovation that will turn around your fortunes?

Doubt not. Believe God has paved way for your success today.

Don’t waste time in petty arguments.

Believe you are innovative.

Let your purpose be a solution to yourself, family, community and nation.

You cannot shape the world for better if you don’t believe in your innovations.

As a Critical Thinking Coach, I believe lives are being transformed for better through these daily lessons we always share with you.

Don’t disperse your humble beginnings.

Believe in your products and services.

Stop talking ill about yourself, family, organisation, community or nation.

Believe you are wonderfully and fearfully created by God.

Yours is to do great exploits in life.

Believe yourself. Believe you are an innovator.

Believe you are great.

Think, Sink Not.

Critical Thinking Coach Darlington Mwendabai (2020).