Fatness-Social media is widely used around the world in day to day information exchange


Social media is widely used around the world in day to day information exchange. Though it may have positive impacts on the global network exchange it also has its negative impacts. Some of the positive impacts include;
1. It enhances communications and connectivity; this is done in a way that social media makes it possible for people to use tools such as facebook and twitter to find new interesting ways to communicate with people and in the process meet new people from other parts of the world.
2. It helps enhance the global businesses and economy in a way that it helps supply online businesses with ready markets for their products not just at national level but at international level as well. In addition it has made it possible for people to gain employment through the media network business centers.
3. It acts as a de-stress or mental health benefit as it supplies ways in which people can talk about their emotions or feelings, this enables them to be relieved of the burden of emotional stress as they have people to share with and shoulder their emotions on.
There are many negative impacts of social media but only a few will be outlined, these include;
1. It brings about cyber bullying….yes bullying through the internet is real…some cases may even lead to suicide as a way of escape. Given an example if someone gets hold of some nudes of a girl/guy and decides to post them on a platform let’s say facebook,,,,the owner of the nudes would become so devastated with such actions and might consider suicide as a way out.
2. It causes anxiety and depression…it is true that social media can help someone to be de-stressed but it can also cause depression if misused consciously or unconsciously… in an example take a person who is overweight (let that person be a girl),,, if the person decides to start looking at pictures of people who are slime and curvy she will start feeling bad and over think about how she appears or looks.
3. Social media is one of the leading places or platform where there is a lot of fraud and swindling taking place…this mostly happens when people are told they have won money or some merchandise but later own are told to pay a certain fee to get them or are told to send their bank account details.
In a nut shell, social media has its benefits if used for the right reasons and it also has its disadvantages if misused….


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