Mickey Jae Not threatened by Chipata artists reactions towards his diss song


Mickey Jae says he is not threatened by the empty threats from various artists who have been attacking him on social media.

He has however disclosed to zedhousezambia.com that Ceezo and R.I.C who appeared on the photo cover are not on the song (season 3)

Reacting on the critics raised against him, Mickey Jae says he is not threatened because he tells the masses facts not speculations. He has advised  Quency J to put his points on record unlike bragging on social media that he is the best rapper in eastern province.

The artist has unveiled that producer Mussaby is not part of the song and has never recorded him any song so far.He has since warned  those wanting to know the one behind the production to listen to the log on the song.

He lastly welcomed those who want to continue with the battle.

Mickey Jae from the Bmob crew in eastern province has been dissing all Chipata artists since 2019.check out his recent song below

Download: Diss to all Chipata artists season 3 Mickey Jae

Listen to the full interview here