Rapper Snow C was born Simon Junior Chisi on December 5, 2002 in Chipata, Eastern Province. He was born in a family of four where he happens to be the first-born child. Snow C ‘s mother Mary Banda later recalled “the only one who didn’t give me any pain when I gave birth to him, and that’s how I knew he was a special child.” The young rapper was raised by his single mother in Chipata city.

He firstly started doing music when he was at school and it was through the same rap battles and street raps that made him discover that he had what it takes to be a good rapper.

During a rough adolescence, detailed in many of his autobiographical songs, Snow C fought so hard to maintain his reputation and avoided indulging into illicit activities at all cost for betterment his musical career. He attended multiple high schools including Chipata skills Training Institute and further met the soon-to-be-martyred rap legend Fallujah Da Future. Which vindicated that he had demons deep inside him that would raise when confronted.


Snow C turned to rap at a young age as an escape from illicit activities. In 2017 on 27th August, he started his musical journey which has been a success despite obstacles as they are part of life. He recorded his first song in Lusaka styled “am in love with you” which he featured Verd. It was at this point that Simon embraced the nickname Snow C which was simultaneously incredible to his type of music. Even with a stage name, Snow C remained relatively anonymous until he founded record label“7 figures” in 2018 and thereafter he was merging as a star in hip-hop.

Two years down the line, Snow C achieved even broader success with his most anticipated song dubbed “Lethal weapon” which famously sampled its chorus and inspired million souls and became Snow C’s most popular single to date. He scored Eastern province music award (EPMA)best in Hip-hop act which marked the beginning of a fruitful period in which Snow C would become the biggest name in hip-hop.

During those years, the rapper released a slew of No. 1 hit singles. His most popular songs from this period including “Lethal weapon”and he’s about to shock the world with his epic video of his single called “Lethal weapon” however he feels the musical game isn’t hot as no one gives him competition” The game isn’t hot, “he said. “I love when someone makes a hot song and then you’ve got to make a hot album. I love that. But it isn’t hot.” He further said. 

Snow C calls himself a lyrical soldier because of how he kills beats in his own unique way. He had a passion of music since his childhood but later on became inspired by International acts across Diaspora Meek Mill and Drake and decided to take music seriously. He has done songs like I’m in love with you, get it right, money and fame, Chidzulo, Zambian girl, like a ball, Retorted and Lethal weapon to mention but a few and has worked with Various Zambian artists like Verd, Fallujah Da Future  among others.

Snow C’s dream about music is to become an inspiration to everyone because he is known by pushing himself like a person who has a manager and a sponsor and yet he does everything on his own. Right now his song “Lethal weapon” is making noise everywhere and the video is yet to be released anytime soon. We all believe that it’s because of the same song that he managed to win the first ever EPM award in the category of Best Hip-Hop Act hence he calls his brand as Team 7 figures Hash tag #7 figures.

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