Watch Chef 187 Explain video concept of “Bwacha”

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A far cry from hip-hop fans, the work continues as Mr Kaira penchant for pushing the “Bwacha” visual boundaries. At the same time, it’s left many people wondering what it all means and whether or not it’s just another stunt to keep his name in headlines around the Zed Entertainment.

To help give some clarification and to coincide with the launch of the video, Chef 187 offered up some of his own thoughts over his new video “Bwacha”. Although some revealing quotes are seen throughout his fans community who quickly jumped on the discussion, offering up their best guesses on the “Bwacha” video’s meaning across a few threads in a more palatable way.

Chef 187 dropped this exciting record called, “Bwacha,” on 19th November, 2021 to entertain his music audience and supporters out there as we kick start festive season. And on this number Sensei tagged along serial hit making record producer and singer Jazzy Boy who did justice to this groovy beat with insightful lyrics and amazing production.

Uno went live on his official Facebook page where he said that video and audio have different meanings. The video narrates the story of a guy who was sentenced (5) five years in prison but was later released for good behave even before the 5years sentence which meant that the guy was given another chance to start life again however the audio narrates a tale of a young man who keeps hustling dispute the odds that come along his way.