As an artist/producer never rush to accept a once off payment top artists – Kekero

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Zambian serial hit making record producer, songwriter and singer Kekero has advised his fellow artist about how royalties can be obtained. The gifted artist said a song you want to collect K2,500 as a production fee might give you more than that as a royalty share annually.

He further added that As an artist or producer never rush to accept a once off payment from a top artist or any artist you feel has potential (Collect better money from those artists who are not serious and not ready to promote a song), make sure you agree with the top artist on your percentage on the song and is properly documented on a Split sheet and signed by everyone one the song, and also demand for your own copy of the document and keep it.

Royalty share is done with a document called ‘Split Sheet”  A split sheet is an agreement executed by contributors to a song, detailing the personal information of the contributors and stating their individual ownership percentage in the song. It is a document primarily aimed at specifying each producer, songwriter, and performer’s percentage stake in the song.

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