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Zambian musician and singing crooner Elton Mulenga, was born in the 1990’s in central province a town called Kabwe. Before we look at Yo Maps net worth, one of the best artist in Africa. How did he begin his music journey and career? What’s his life history? Because even today, Yo Maps songs are the best, which most people from Zambia, call “golden hits”.

After completion of his grade twelve, Yo Maps continued to pursue the dream of music which his way was not always clear and bright. Then later rose to prominence, after unveiling his best songs from the released tunes titled “Finally”.

Despite making a name, struggle for fame continued for years, moving from studio to studio, until he became a music producer. Then worked on a number of songs for other fellow musicians making some money.

Speaking to Yo-Maps, he took time to list some of the best tunes his released, rated them as my favorite and these songs have been making money for him. Most musicians in Zambia, make money through music, especially from having concerts and live shows.

Music is mostly distributed, but he mentioned working on an album, which will be online for sale and not shared for free download on websites. Its another thing to become Africa’s richest but one still has an opportunity to earn an honest living from music and make side investments.