The truth revealed about Mutale Mwanza & Esther Chungu tv drama👂

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Chanda John Chimba wrote

If one decides to leave a decent life it doesn’t mean they are spokesperson of the Christian community. How you leave your life is totally upto you. Mrs Pompi is a straight forward woman, she’s not more holly than others but she’s a decent woman, straight forward woman and a woman who loves God. The other woman is a bend woman, who went through a bad divorce, turned into a marriage breaker, went into depression, came out of it, has no stable relationship, lives a plastic life, claims to have been girlfriend of the former( which is not true) terrorized former PF ministers houses, black mailed them and so on. My advise to Mrs pompi is she must leave that show, the other chick has nothing to lose, being stupid is part of her life.

Esther Chungu and Mutale Mwanza!Watch

Simon Mwewa Lane wrote…..

ESTHER CHUNGUA classic case of casting pearls before swine.I didn’t like the way Mutale Mwanza tried to belittle and down play Esther Chungu’s faith. The tone and attitude with which Mutale spoke to Esther was both disrespectful and condescending.Esther Chungu brings a sense of decency to the show but she shouldn’t be subjected to mockery by Mutale Mwanza simply because she’s now married to Pompi. I urge the producers of that show to lay down some ground rules…before viewers start writing you letters of complaint.SMLtv

Coach-Franklin Wrote

Non of these two ladies is a saint, non of them is Holier than the other, non of these two ladies is more of a sinner than the other, the fact that they are both alive God loves them equally Most people are throwing shades and negativity on Mutale Mwanza which I think is so unfair, the fact that Esther Chungu is a gospel Artist doesn’t make her holier or to represent a Christian community or it doesn’t mean she don’t do wrong or do sin 🤷🏽‍♂️ Esther do wrongs too Mutale Mwanza is always bold to talk about anything and post anything what makes her happy and that doesn’t make her a sinner NO or that doesn’t make her to be excluded from a Christian Community Esther Chungu responded based on what she believes in and Mutale Mwanza responded based on what she believes inTruth be told, I have been watching their show and it’s like one always want to change the other person and try to be more superior than the other They both have a different lifestyles and each one should respect that. If we are Christians then let’s not speak evil against one but we need to correct both individuals and see how best they can work together rather defending one and leaving one behind These two need to be talked by management or if it means to be separated it should be don or one can simply leave the show, they have inner hate for each otherTo Esther Chungu’s fans stop Judging Ati 5 minutes marriage is better than sleeping around with people’s husbands, that’s wrong y’all don’t have a proof of that and we have never heard of such before Mutale Mwanza said that out of emotions and it’s because of Esther Chungu came out and how she was pointing fingers on her These two need help