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Emmanuel  Belama known by his stage name Cool cold Zambia is a Zambian artist based in Lusaka.He was born in November 2001. Went to Chibombo Secondary School in 2013 and completed school in 2018.

Inspired by his childhood friend Black Moses whom he saw doing good music. Cool cold started visiting his studio when later in 2017 was invited by Black Moses to work on unfinished project in Liteta Chibombo District Central.After successfully recording the first track he was encouraged to do more music  and that’s how he started music which saw him in 2017 when he was  16 years old signed under Yane record label.

Despite getting less support from his family which never supported mixing school and Music Cool Cold persisted doing music at school where he later found different singing groups and met the likes of Mart Key,Nop Cee and others.

After fishing school in 2018 he met Edify and his brother D Blown to form a group which they called Chim Boys.They did a number of songs  together until in 2021 when they separated after doing a track that was at least received well in Chilanga.

In spite of not receiving the support he needs, cool cold has done a number of songs which he wants to put out soon. Currently pushing his promo song” Running to My Destiny” featuring  Team JR.Cool Cold wants to work with Macky 2 in future because that’s where he get his inspiration.