It’s all hypocrisy, ECL voices out after RB’s burial!

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By Vitumbika NyimbiriAfter all the good words, pictures depicting love and unite flood the media following the demise of fourth president Rupiah Banda, former president Edgar Lungu has labeled the good gestures as hypocrisy.Speaking after the burial of president Banda, President Lungu said if people learnt how to dialogue honestly with one another as experienced in the days of mourning, they probably could get somewhere.He charged that people are saying good things and end up doing the bad things.“All the statement have been made, of course he was not an angel, he has his own failings just like all of us,” he said.“But if we learn to dialogue honestly with one another as we have experienced in the days of mourning, we probably can get somewhere as a country…..dialogue between all of us. Those who were in government before and those who are in now. But what we are seeing is hypocrisy where people say good things then do bad things.”President Lungu wondered what people have learnt from president Banda’s legacy.He added that “people are saying a lot of good things, may those good things become part of them.”©NKANI Friday 19th March 2022