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I know I’m a braggart,naturally not humble,broke or not,I’m talkative,sarcastic/mean/cheeky or whatsoever.

But one thing you will never hear or see me joke about is poor people or the less privileged,I can maybe brag about what I have or what my family own,but it’s not a standard for a everyone to be living equally.

I know how it feels to eat one meal a day when you’re dead hungry craving for food, I know how it’s feels to rock the same outfit to every event you attend because you don’t have money to buy new clothes, I know how it feels to sit home doing nothing while you watch your friends enrolling in schools,I know how it feels going out watching your friends splashing champagne while you don’t even have a coin to buy water,If it’s this festival you can even wish you could just go to another planet and come back January.

I can brag and everything 24/7 online but you can’t tell me anything about struggle, I know it all.I have been through it.

To people who like showing off like me,brag about what you have and all,but avoid calling people broke and peasants,we are from different families and background(some of us our parents push us and we have achieved what most folks haven’t achieved at our age)


To people currently having it rough in life,DO NOT! listen to voices on the internet,move at your pace,keep pushing,I hope situations at home change for everyone one day,stay calm and be strong.

We gonna be alright

Dear grandma, do you know that you’re the most awesome grandmother in the world, I’m so happy I have a beautiful grandma like you, I love you

The Boss is here Mwebantu

When you believe in yourself, you can overcome self-doubt