Music a good career but education is important, advises Dandy Crazy!


Musician Wesley Chibambo popularly known as Dandy Crazy has urged young people who want to venture into music to get an education.

He says music is a good career for the talented but is better with education.

Chibambo says he is trying to help upcoming artists in the country that have been reaching out to him on social media platforms on how the industry works.

And commenting on a morale booster song for the ruling UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema, Chibambo said he has not switched to the ruling party.

He says he is not a politician but a musician that companies and people can engage on a project.

“I am not a politician. I have not shifted and I have not engaged into politics. Me I am a musician just like any other company. Like how this company has come to me, to say we want you to be a mouthpiece for our company, for any other political party or any business corporate, if they want me as a brand to sell their product, they can come to me. I am a vehicle, I can be used by any company – can come to me and say ‘Dandy, we want you to help us with the promotion or branding or the marketing’. I am here at their disposal anytime. So shifting or not shifting, I have not shifted. I am still the Dandy that I have always been,” he said.

Chibambo said he is a legend in the industry and has made himself available to guide upcoming artistes who want to go into music.

He also told The Mast that he is currently trying to balance music and business.

“As for the youth and the young ones and those who are talented, music is a good career but as I said before, education is very important. You need education. As I said, I am a legend. I’m here to guide the upcoming artistes who want to go into music. I always guide them on my social media platforms. They come to me and I tell them how to go about it. Like I said I am an entrepreneur as well. I have branched off from music to being a businessman. I am trying to control these two, business and music. I have to balance the two so that I can stand still on the ground,” said Chibambo. “As it is right now in Zambia,

I am a man of the people, and I am a person for the people. I am a mouthpiece for every person. So if anyone just wants to come and talk about something, I can speak for them…”