Yo Maps has a message for Chile One


I took time to follow some social media trends and I picked up a few positive and negative comments with regards to Kwacha Awards Nominations, but most importantly,the lesson that has come with it is very imperative for me.The negative ones are a life and career changing for me and many artists in the entertainment industry. Mu life kusambilila 💪💪

Raffles have been made and comparison too, but allow me to send a message to my brother and fellow artist in music circles Chile One MrZambia

The music industry is a competitive industry and has a huge grand stage that needs all performing artists in their capacity, stays focused and remain consistent because the future is bright.

You have my full support and my studio doors are open. Always maintain the love for the people who support you today and those who have been with you since day one.

The hurtful comments are a sign of disappointment or so much love for you, never respond with hurt for they are your teachers and support system to remain relevant in the game.

To my fans and Fam, much love for you and my love for you and the Music industry won’t stop here, I will give you something new soon.

It’s not every person who wants you to fail ✅