Residents of Mchini Compound warned against throwing Garbage anyhow-CCC

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Chipata City Council has called on residents of Mchini Compaound of Chipata central Constituency to take up the responsibility and stop throwing Garbage anyhow.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with feel free news Chipata City Council Public Relations Officer Charity Mtonga says that people should take priority in making sure that they dump garbage in designated places and make use of the skip bins that the local authority provided to them.

Miss. Mtonga narrated that it is sad to see people throwing the garbage indescrimite despite the local Authority providing the skip bins to them.

She says that the local authority has done a lot of sensitization in the area but to no avail.

Miss. Mtonga has since appealed to the residents to take up the responsibility and stop blaming the council for their irresponsible behavior.