AGATHA-Inspired by her Mother

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Embracing Our Roots
I was born in the family of 8,2boys and six dad died when I was only 7months old.I can’t describe his face except on old photos though everyone say I’m his copycat.When dad was still alive,my mother lived her 16years of marriage as nothing but a full time house wife, with less exposure which made our lives miserable the moment her husband,my dad died.His family scrambled whatever he earned in his lifetime except for the walls of what we call our house, from what I have been told,some of his family members went as far as cursing us to say we would die in unexplainable manner so that no one suffers the responsibility of caring and providing for us.
After my father’s death,non of his relatives came to our rescue so mom was then forced to go out and find a living for her 8children.The next 4years of her being a single mom was horrible than they all thought it would be, since I was less than 5years old I didn’t feel much of the heat because even if they all starved and slept on empty stomachs,there was still something for the baby 😓.I remember delaying my grade one because mom couldn’t afford the full set of my school uniform,not just that after I made it to grade 8,10 and got selected for the tertiary education I couldn’t go to the desired school due to financial challenges.But since I started reasoning,there has never been a day that we slept without eating or I was asked to quit anything because of money. I don’t know how she does it but it’s now been 23years since Dad died,yes we have been having alot of downs than ups but the way my mother finds a way out without hurting anyone’s feelings really inspires me.Apart from her being hard working, my Mom prays and on several occasions,she never forgets to pray for my friends and that’s one thing we all rarely do.As a single mom,she has managed to bring us up in a possible responsible way that even if there is no any elderly person at home,we know our limits.
From the Task “who inspires you?”
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