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ZedXplo is a music promotion program and an on going series of The music industry.
Hosted By Necha Vk the program shades light on musical genres undertaken by different artists across the world.

Zambians have finally accepted Davaos

They came on the scene with a controversial style.Dissing Mampi the queen diva and pausing in half naked photos until they penetrated through the...

2020 has not been good for Dalisoul

2020 has not been good for Zambia's number one noise maker Dalisoul who always makes it up to his fans. This year we have seen...

Yopimah Swagg-untapped

Zambia's music industry has very powerful untapped talent which is suppose to be appreciated. From the Eastern now based in Lusaka Yopimah Swagg is another...

Chipata artist Zaubo quits beer pro alteration

Bodwin Chikamata populary known as Zaubo has confirmed to Zedhouse news his transformation from being a ghetto kid to become a smart urban artist. Zaubo...

Listen to how Chipo star dissed Dre Zambia and Dayostar on this interview

Zedxplo brings you the insights of the music industry in Zambia.check out more episodes on www.zedhousezambia.com zedxplo...

Chimzy Kelly welcomes the eastern province lockdown summer party

  Chipata music legend Chimzy Kelly has welcomed the incoming eastern province lockdown summer which will be hosted by zedhousezambia on 24th October in Chipata.The...

Nora Riche

zedxplo She is a well talented lady yet new in the game. Nora's powerful voice has given...

Artist Zaubo to release a new record

Chipata based recording artist Zaubo has pronounced his come back with something new after being quiet for sometime.Announcing his return to Zedhousezambia on Zedxplo...

Zedxplo-Gospel Artist Kwanda

https://youtu.be/W71QWhjodgQ Gospel Artist Kwanda on Zedxplo

“My song lekani tikambe is not funded by any political party”Quency Jae

Chipata based Hip-hop artist Quency jae says his viral song Lekani tikambe is not funded by any political party and has no...



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