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Patience Namadingo is a Malawian gospel singer-composer and songwriter (born 28 May, 1989) signed to Ndefeyo Gospel (a sub-label under Nde’feyo Entertainment). The first born in a family of three, he hails from Kapalamula Village, T/A Nsamala in Balaka district. Growing up as a kid, Patience did his first years of primary school in Lilongwe, before his parents moved to the northern city of Mzuzu, where he spent part of his childhood, before the family relocated to Lilongwe where he did his secondary education at Chipasula Secondary School and later went to South Africa where he studied music and arts at National School of the Arts in Johannesburg.

Patience’s music career has a humble and spirit-filled beginning because unlike many gospel musicians, he did not attend any music lessons as a child, neither did he participate in any choir or singing group. As a youngster, he had passion for soccer which led him to training at a church football pitch where before training, the kids attended music practice, which led him to develop his group of six boys and named it the Salvation Zone.

He discovered he had a sturdy passion for music than soccer and the decision to follow his heart, led him to recording his first album in 2007 titled Goseni, which was funded by his mother who did two songs on the album, released the same year on 27 December. The album did not do well and he moderately gave up “because it was hopeless”. He spent his time practicing and composing, until 2009-2010 when his career took a serious turn as he started learning the basics of a piano.

Brought up in the way of the Lord, under parents who strongly believe in the existence of God, Patience has been a young man who has at all times had faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his faith has always played a vital role in his compositions, which saw him releasing the 2010 album Tiri ndi Yesu that had the chart topping song Mtendere and made it one of the best selling gospel albums between 2010-2012.

Before signing to Ndefeyo Gospel in November, 2012, Patience was about to release a new album titled Lero, with some of the singles titled Jesus in me, Kanyimbo, Tapeza, Sindidzasowa kanthu and Bwenzi, already playing on radio. Sindidzasowa kanthu and Bwenzi videos are also on television. The artist will be releasing his next album under the label in 2013.