HardRock Entertainment,bid farewell to a valuable member of their team, King Walker.

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HardRock MEDIA Entertainment, the leading company in the entertainment industry, bid farewell to a valuable member of their team, King Walker.

 King Walker served the company for a year and made a significant impact in the organization.

Joseph Shumba, the CEO and Director of HardRock MEDIA Entertainment, expressed his gratitude towards King Walker in a heartfelt statement. He acknowledged King Walker’s contributions to the company and mentioned how blessed the company was to have him on the team.

King Walker’s dedication and hard work made him an essential part of HardRock MEDIA Entertainment. His exceptional skills and expertise in the entertainment industry was a great asset to the company, and his presence will surely be missed.

HardRock MEDIA Entertainment wishes King Walker all the best as he begins a new journey. The company is confident that King Walker will continue to excel in his future endeavors and reach new heights of success.

King Walker’s departure from HardRock MEDIA Entertainment marks the end of an era. However, the company is committed to continuing its legacy of providing exceptional entertainment services to its audience.

HardRock MEDIA Entertainment has always been known for its talented and dedicated team members, and King Walker is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence. The company hopes to continue its legacy and maintain its position as the leading entertainment company.

King Walker confirmed on a live radio program on 3FM that he has parted ways with HardRock. He mentioned that there were some untold issues between them. Currently, HardRock still has Mary Blackson, Connex, Iq Muzatasha, and the newly signed Yotam D under their label.