A patriotic front PF member from Lusaka has expressed disappointment with the low voter turnout being experienced in eastern province during the general elections.

PF national youth secretary Gabriel Kibombwe says that it is sad that despite easterners registering in large numbers, it is shocking that many registered voters do not go and cast their votes.

Mr. Kibombwe has since challenged all registered voters in the province not to shun away this time ahead of the 12 august general elections.

Mr. Kibombwe has cited the 2011 general elections where a total of 7 hundred thousand people registered as voters in the province but only 270 thousand went to cast their votes describing it as unfortunate.

Meanwhile the PF national youth secretary has commended people of eastern province for being the third highest region to massively register as voters after Lusaka and Copperbelt.

He has since appealed to all the voters to exercise their right to vote in the coming polls.

He made the remarks in mtenguleni village yesterday to drum up support for all the PF adopted candidates for Luangeni constituency.