Prioritize the signing of unknown artists-B FLOW Urges NEXUS & KMP


NEXUS & KMP…The closure of Mondo Music Corporation (circa 2006) presented new challenges to the Zambian music sector among them music packaging, duplication and distribution. Mondo was the only full fledged record label with the capacity to sponsor the recording, promotion, publishing and distribution of music in the country. Muvi Studios also existed around the same period with a similar business model but the Muvi Posse Band was shortlived as they disbanded while we were still enjoying their music. Although the recording business continued with studios like Romaside, Sling Beats, Kula, JM, Flatline, Soundwave, Full Blast, Mad House, Sound Check, ZRP, Danger Zone etc, it was difficult to put their releases on the market without the presence of a strong distribution company. Subsequently, Supershine Investments emerged as the new leader in the music distribution business. However, Supershine was not in the business of recording, branding and signing of artists. This necessitated the need for new record labels to fill the gap that Mondo and Muvi had left. Fast forward to 2021, the music industry has seen two (2) emerging record companies, namely Nexus and KMP. Of course any adent follower of Zambian music knows that Nexus had first existed in 2002 when they released the Nexus Compilation Vol. 1 but after the release Vol. 2, we never heard from them, but that’s a story for another day. Well, they back!Now that we have Nexus and KMP in the business of signing of artists, recording and promotion of music, all eyes are on them to see how they will transform an industry that has had teething problems owing to the aforementioned factors. Industry players are looking at them as a new source of hope for the development of the music fraternity.MY RECOMMENDATIONS:As the two (2) companies continue on their trajectory of signing artists, I strongly recommend that;1. Prioritize the signing of unknown artists like Mondo did with the likes of JK, Black Muntu, Shatel, Tribal Cousins and Yesu Culture who were new artists at the time. We can learn from the Mondo history book. When we invest in new artists, we invest in the future.2. Prioritize the signing of already established artists whose primary role should be to mentor the new artists. The existence of a senior artist should make the burden of an upcoming artist lighter and not the opposite.3. Giving international exposure to already established artists as opposed to exposing them to a market they are already exposed to. Build their capacity in order for them to be able to pull moves that they were unable to pull on their own. In short, don’t give us what we already have.If these two entities play their cards right, the prominence of Zambian music on the continent will be unmatched.