“Top 10 Powerhouse Artists who Dominated the 2022 Eastern Province Music Awards”

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At the 2022 Eastern Province Music Awards, the best artists of the region were celebrated and recognized for their contributions to the music industry. Based on their recent performance at the awards, the top ten best artists in the Eastern Province were:

  • Chile 84
  • Ambuye
  • Theresa Theresa
  • Dayostar
  • Kd Giza
  • Yotam D
  • Orlando Far I
  • Joe Blessing
  • Alifatiq Overdose
  • DJ Banx

Each of these artists left a lasting impression on the audience with their outstanding musical talent and exceptional stage presence. Chile 84 took home the award for the “Song of the Year” and “Best Male Artist”, while Ambuye was awarded “Artist of the Year”. Theresa Theresa was declared the “Best Female Artist” and Leeyo 98 won the “Best Upcoming Artist” award. Kd Giza was crowned the “Best Hip-Hop Artist”, while Yotam D won the award for “Best Afro Pop Artist”. Orlando Far I was recognized as the “Best Dance Hall/Reggae Artist”, and Joe Blessing was named the “Best Gospel Artist”. Alifatiq Overdose won the award for “Best Music Producer”, and DJ Banx was awarded “Best Club DJ in Playing Local Music”.

These talented musicians have certainly made their mark on the music scene in Eastern Province and will continue to captivate audiences with their exceptional artistry and passion for music.