Yamalaza had 33 shows in 2020


Yamalaza also known as Black bonzo came on the music scene last year with his unique music style which he calls Village music. His music has dominated around eastern province receiving massive airplay on local radio stations.Although on the controversy some people regard his music style outdated. Yamalaza boosts of having about 33 shows third quota of 2020 .He shared the list of the shows he had in 2020 with zedhousezambia.check out below

1’Kachusi Minga show2’Munzuni village show3’Millias Village Show4’Nyimba Zns mangowa Villages5’MBili Village Show6’Mng,ong,o village show 7′ Lamule Mozambique show8′ Konkha kawaza Mozambique9′ Ulondo Mozambique10, Kwa Mbuya kumutu show 11′ Azele kacheka Show 12′ Mugubudu Show13′ Mimbayakana bar show14, Madra Bar Show 15,Sichimu Village Show 16,Kanyelele Village Nyimba show17, Zumaile Mwanja Banthu Show18 Mabanda Show19 Off meya Nyimba show 20 Malima Show 21 Mankhungwe Shows 22 Mando Village Show 23 Chinunda Village Show24 Nyakuluma Show 25 Mfuwe Show 26 Buru village show 27 Kwa Mambo Show 28 Mwami bodah Singo Night Club29 Mozambique kapangula 30 Mulinda village 31Mitabe Show 32 Mtengule Show 33 Kalongo Village Show