About Us



We started in 2019 as an online marketing agency, and then developed into a digital marketing business using modern technology and the influence of social media. The company has organized events such as the first ever Eastern Province Music Awards 2019 and the ongoing Zambia online reality show and has currently the most appreciated website for music promotions, Branding and marketing.


Zedhouse Zambia is aimed at creating a marketing environment by promoting brands and recognizing talent.


To deliver to peoples expectation a more sustainable business approach


To erect modern digital media fraternity, Transform social media approach while empowering young people with skills and knowledge.


  • Online marketing
  • Branding
  • Website developing and designing
  • Web application development
  • Event organizing
  • Music uploading
  • Promotions
  • Facebook page and web management
  • Indoors and out door shootings
  • Video production
  • Advertising


First ever Eastern Province Music Awards

First Zambia online reality show

First music uploading website in eastern province


Zedhousezambia@gmail.com        www.zedhousezambia.com


Zedhousezambia has developed and designed the following websites

  1. smoothfmzambia.org live radio streaming and news website
  2. kalawanigeneraldealers.com business website
  3. epbchurchesassociation.com church organization
  4. lusakamusic.com music website
  5. zedhousezambia.com music/company website
  6. feelfreeradio.com live radio streaming and news website
  7. zamplaylist.com music website
  8. zedmusicbox.com music website
  9. zedpinksite.com music website
  10. goldenmixedsounds.com music website
  11. zedhousemarket.com E-commerce website