About Us

Zedhousezambia is a platform that provides artists with the opportunity to share their music with the world, free of charge. The website offers a variety of services to help artists promote their music, including the ability to upload songs, create a personal profile, and connect with fans.

One of the key services offered by Zedhousezambia is the ability to upload an unlimited number of songs. Artists can upload original music, live recordings, and remixes, and have their music easily accessible to listeners around the world. The website also provides tools for artists to share their music on social media, helping them to reach a wider audience.

In addition to uploading music, artists can also create a personal profile on the website. This profile allows them to share information about themselves, including their musical background and inspiration. The profile also serves as a central hub for fans to learn more about the artist and stay up-to-date with their latest releases.

Another reason why artists should have their music uploaded to the free music webs Zedhousezambia is that it provides a new and easy way for them to connect with fans. The website’s comment section allows fans to share their thoughts and feedback on an artist’s music, and the artist can respond directly to their fans, building a stronger connection and establishing a loyal following.

Finally, uploading music to Zedhousezambia website is an excellent way for artists to gain exposure and build their brand. With a large and growing community of listeners, the website offers artists the opportunity to reach a wider audience and grow their fan base. Additionally, the website also provides promotional opportunities, such as featured artist spotlights, to help artists gain even more exposure.

In conclusion, Zedhousezambia is a valuable resource for artists looking to share their music with the world, connect with fans, and build their brand. Whether you are an established artist or just starting out, the website provides the tools and resources you need to succeed in the music industry.

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• Online marketing

• Branding

• Website developing and designing

• Web application development

• Event organizing • Music uploading

• Promotions

• Facebook page and web management

• Indoors and out door shootings

• Video production

• Advertising ACHIEVEMENTS First Eastern Province Music Award”