Chile One – Boy From Chililand (Full ALBUM)

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Zambian music enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the release of Chile One MrZambia‘s debut album, “Boy From Chililand.” The acclaimed singer and songwriter has curated an impressive lineup of collaborators, both local and international, promising a musical journey that showcases the diverse talents of the Zambian music scene.

Boy From Chililand” by Chile One features collaborations with some of the most prominent names in the industry. Noteworthy contributors include Driemo from Malawi, Macky 2VinchenzoChef 187, and several others. This collaboration of artists ensures a fusion of styles and influences, creating a unique and captivating listening experience for fans.

As the Zambian music scene welcomes the new year, all eyes are on Chile One and his groundbreaking album, “Boy From Chililand.” With an impressive lineup of collaborators and a team of skilled producers, the album promises to be a significant addition to the country’s musical landscape.

Stay tuned to witness the magic that unfolds as Chile One‘s distinct style harmonizes with the diverse flavors brought by his featured artists below.