Davaos ft. Muzo AKA Alphonso – Mutila Nalipwa (Official Video)

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Zambia’s musical sensation, Davaos, is back in the spotlight with their blazing new music video, “Mutila Nalipwa.” Teaming up with the talented artist Muzo AKA Alphonso, this trio is making waves in the music scene once again.

Directed by the creative genius Ashtrey, the music video is a mesmerizing visual experience that brilliantly showcases Davaos’s exceptional talent and boundless energy. Follow along as the trio takes on a series of challenges, emerging triumphant in the end.

This music video is a resounding declaration of Davaos’s triumphant return to the music arena. After a brief hiatus, they’ve come back with a bang, ready to captivate audiences once more.

Don’t miss out on this musical spectacle – watch, enjoy, and share the magic of “Mutila Nalipwa” with the world.

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