Nigerian Artist Mobhad died in unclear circumstances,

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Nigerian Artist Mobhad died in unclear circumstances, raising allegations for pre-meditated mÜrder through poïsoning by his so called close friends..

In a circulating video that was recorded some time back, Mohbad is seen on a hospital bed crying and telling his people that he was given something to drink, by some friends who he trusted, and suddenly he noticed nobody drunk from it afterwards..

After His death, Mobhad was allegedly buried less than 24 hours after he was announced dead…

In circulating pictures,he was buried in a coffin so small that it they had to bend his neck so he could fit in.

2 days ago his body was exhumed for autopsy and it was discovered his body had no foul smell as that of a decaying body.

Also in his coffin fresh bloöd was seen, which has raised even further allegations that he might have been buried alive while unconscious,

Investigations have begun as multiple fans and Nigeria celebrities have demanded JUSTICE….