PRESS RELEASE UK-Craigie- Save My Life

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Oldham artist UK-Craigie releases latest album free to promote better men’s mental health awareness

Save My Life is Hip-Hop artist UK-Craigie’s brand-new album, exploring hard hitting topics such as grief and depression. How the loss of somebody close can turn your world upside down and trying to find a way to heal while dealing with ill mental health. UK-Craigie is hoping to help start a conversation revolving around better mental health and a further understanding of it following the loss of a very close friend

UK-Craigie is making the album available for free for fans and supporters, hoping that ‘Save My Life’ can reach and help as many people as possible

Highlights of the album include ‘Grief’ an incredibly intimate and personal song, written just after the funeral of a close friend, it really sets the tone of the album. Loss, fear, helplessness and the impact of a sudden bereavement all play out with intense, vulnerable lyrics set over a beautiful soundscape

(Not) Indestructible provides the signature acoustic-driven sound UK-Craigie is most renowned for, with a haunting vocal sample that the artist uses as a springboard to discuss depression, and how easy it can be for grief to trigger a landslide of emotions The song is really an important conversation starter, with UK-Craigie offering a no holds barred, unfiltered look into his life and experiences

‘You Can’t Kill Me’ is a brief reprieve from all of the heartbreak, an international collaboration with Zambian artist Thomson Nasser this song serves as a reminder that no matter how bleak things get, how hopeless you feel and how poor your mental health is currently- There is hope. Lamenting over a beautiful orchestra, both artists share wisdom and heartfelt emotion about their life experiences, with the song serving up as a reminder that life isn’t over, a new chapter awaits you and the importance of keeping strong

This album is a personal journey, and its purpose is to help the creator UK-Craigie, and his audience try to find comfort while grieving, trying hard to rebuild whilst suffering poor mental health and coming to terms with the loss of somebody especially close to you

Life worldwide seems to have really taken its toll on so many people and UK-Craigie takes it upon himself to be the voice of the underdog, to provide the music that helps people through hard times with the power of hard-hitting lyrics over a smooth acoustic guitar
With three singles ‘Grief’ ‘Let Those Feelings Out’ And ‘Upside Down’ released this year UK-Craigie continues to expand his reach, and in an unprecedented move is offering this album for free download via his website WWW.UKCRAIGIE.COM with signed physical cd’s also being made available at a later date

UK-Craigie offers something different from the normal hip-hop experience. An unwavering honesty in his hardest moments helps to form a connection to his fanbase, the artist has been featured locally, nationally and globally with press from The Oldham Times, The Wirral Globe &The BBC alongside countless features and articles worldwide.

UK-Craigie comes from humble roots in Oldham, UK and has brought his working class, underdog mentality to a worldwide stage with a constantly growing reputation worldwide, with an especially impressive following in Zambia

UK-Craigie is an advocate for SEN awareness, using his platform to showcase living with Dyspraxia and volunteering in his local community to help show the youth that a disability and having educational needs aren’t a roadblock when it comes to creativity, he believes Neurodiversity and creativity go hand in hand
UK-Craigie also works hard to promote Better mental health awareness through music, UK-Craigie’s music is stripped of ego and brutally honest, he hopes that you will find his brand-new album ‘Save My Life’ as comforting and helpful in combating anxiety, grief and depression.

visit WWW.UKCRAIGIE.COM to download the album