Slapdee – Black Na White 3 (Full ALBUM)

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Renowned rap sensation Slapdee has finally dropped his highly anticipated album “Black Na White 3 (BW3),” sending waves of excitement through his nationwide fanbase. With an extensive buildup, this release stands as a defining moment in the illustrious career of the Zambian icon, following his last album, “Mother Tongue,” which debuted in 2020.

In this musical masterpiece, Slapdee pushes boundaries, reshaping the rap genre as we know it. Collaborating with a diverse array of talent, he teams up with emerging artists and seasoned veterans alike. The album features collaborations with Dimpo Williams, 76 Drumz, Tiger Tonka, as well as international stars such as Malawi’s Namadingo and Kenya’s Femi One. Additionally, the project includes contributions from Dizmo, Chewe, D Bwoy Tellem, Vinchenzo, Xain, Elisha Long, Jae Cash, Mampi, Jay Rox, Frank Ro, and many others.

Experience the brilliance of “Black Na White 3” by streaming the album below and sharing the excitement with fellow music enthusiasts.