“Tyce-Expresses Deep Disappointment in Macky 2 Over Onstage Incident, Demands Apology”

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In a surprising turn of events, a devoted fan of renowned Zambian artist Macky 2, known as Tyce, has expressed profound disappointment with the artist following an unfortunate incident during a recent event. Tyce, who has been a long-time supporter of Macky 2, listed various instances of his support, including voting for the artist in various competitions and promoting his ventures on his radio show.

However, the relationship took an unexpected twist when Macky 2 allegedly pushed Tyce onstage, causing him to fall. Tyce’s disappointment was palpable as he conveyed his feelings about the incident, stating that it has not only affected him personally but also the brand he is trying to build.

Despite this unexpected and regrettable incident, Tyce concluded his message by thanking Macky 2 and blessing his music. He also made a demand for a formal apology from the artist.

This incident has certainly raised eyebrows among fans and the public alike, as they eagerly await Macky 2’s response and whether he will address Tyce’s request for an apology.