Yo Maps Opens Up on Upcoming Album, International Ambitions, and Personal Challenges

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Zambian music powerhouse Yo Maps recently shared some candid insights into his upcoming album, his growing international presence, and some personal challenges he’s been facing. In an interview on Diamond TV’s “Upville” program, Yo Maps urged local promoters to do more to push Zambian music onto the global stage, emphasizing their crucial role in amplifying the country’s musical talents.

The artist revealed that he collaborated with Nigerian star Iyanya just three weeks ago, a track that came shortly after the release of his hit single “Nga Te Ba Yaweh.” He explained that Iyanya personally reached out to him for the collaboration, a sign that his music is gaining traction beyond Zambia’s borders.

Yo Maps also shared his thoughts on competition in the music industry. He emphasized that he doesn’t compete with anyone but himself, and he sees other artists copying his style as a sign of health in the music scene. “It’s a good thing,” he said. “But there’s no doubt‚ÄĒI’m on top of the game in Zambia right now.”

The conversation took a serious turn when Yo Maps addressed his recent confrontation with blogger Elias, who had insulted his wife and daughter, Bukata. Yo Maps expressed his disappointment in those who intrude into his personal life, but assured viewers that he is taking legal action against such defamation. Despite these challenges, he remains focused on his career and upcoming album, though he did not reveal the title.

Yo Maps also touched on his decision to not post about his daughter with Mwizukanji, his former partner. When asked for details, he politely declined to discuss the matter, indicating that some aspects of his personal life are strictly off-limits.

With a new album slated for release this year and increasing interest from international artists, Yo Maps is showing no signs of slowing down. Fans are eagerly anticipating his next moves, and the artist promises more great music to come. Stay tuned, because Yo Maps is set to keep the Zambian music scene buzzing.