Esther Chungu Reflects on Turning 30, Motherhood, and the Future of Zambian Gospel

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Zambian gospel artist Esther Chungu recently sat down for an interview on Diamond TV, offering insights into her personal and professional journey as she enters her thirties. Chungu, who has been a devoted Christian throughout her twenties, shared her thoughts on motherhood and her son Malakai, who is now 8 months old. Despite the demands of celebrity life, Chungu emphasized the importance of maintaining privacy while allowing glimpses into her personal life for her fans.

Chungu also discussed her third studio album, “Umwala,” and her collaborative work with her husband, Pompi. The couple’s musical partnership has garnered significant attention in the Zambian gospel scene, highlighting their shared faith and commitment to creating uplifting music.

When asked about competition in the gospel music industry, Chungu acknowledged the emergence of talented new artists, indicating a promising future for Zambian gospel music. However, she pointed out that the industry still has a lot of work to do in terms of developing and supporting upcoming artists. Chungu expressed her optimism about the next generation of gospel musicians, noting that their passion and energy could lead to a positive shift in the genre’s landscape.

Esther Chungu’s reflections on turning 30, becoming a mom, and her insights into the evolving Zambian gospel scene offer a compelling glimpse into the life of a prominent figure in the industry, balancing her personal and professional roles with grace and authenticity.