Vinchenzo Talks About His Musical Journey, Inspiration, and Advocacy for Responsible Drinking

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Zambian artist Vinchenzo recently sat down for an interview with Chimwike, where he shared insights into his journey in the music industry and his evolving approach to creativity and personal growth. While acknowledging that his collaboration with Bobby East provided invaluable guidance, Vinchenzo emphasized that it was his 2022 hit “Ma Reasons” that truly catapulted him into the limelight.

During the conversation, Vinchenzo also discussed his musical influences, citing Ghanaian artist Stonebwoy and Malawi’s Onesmus among his favorites. He mentioned his pride in representing Chipata, despite residing in Lusaka, demonstrating his commitment to staying grounded and connected to his roots.

Vinchenzo’s music often explores themes of celebration and the enjoyment of life, with a particular focus on beer and social gatherings. However, he stressed that his approach to such topics is responsible, emphasizing the importance of advocating for safe and moderate drinking. He remarked that while he enjoys the vibrant energy in his music, he is careful to balance it with messages that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, Vinchenzo’s interview provided a deeper understanding of his artistic direction, his influences, and his personal commitment to promoting positive values in the Zambian music scene.