Profile-Aeden Veronpaul


My names are Aeden Veronpaul born on the 21st of November 2001 in Lusaka Zambia. Started my pre school at Tom and Jerry in chilenje then later moved to Ndola where I started my first grade at Simba International School.

My hobbies are singing, dancing, modelling, blogging, poem writing and acting, I’m an enthusiastic,fun,adventurous and social person. Currently living in Chipata Oldjim still schooling and partly working as a fabric designer Farrai Mwiya Kappy Fashion line
Winner of 10 fabric design awards and 6 modelling awards, started modelling in my 4th grade inspired by my mother who is a full time fire fighter and fashion blogger. I’ve also worked with Christina Kapenda and Gordon in showcasing there clothing line.
The main reason for joining the Zedhouse online reality show is to interact with other but mainly for COMPETITION AND THE PRIZE Expect lots of fun,great task commitment and laughter.


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