5 songs that proves Yopimah Swagg is taking over

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Yopimah Swagg is one of the fast growing artist that Zambia should look out for.On his journey to fame he has tirelessly worked so hard on delivering the best songs.

We have selected 5 best songs from his body of work just to prove to you that indeed Yopimah Swagg is the next big thing in the music industry.

Check out the songs one by one and add to your playlist.

  1. Yopimah Swagg-Wilalila-x-Shenky & Tash Taonga (.Prod.Exelion)

2. Yopimah Swagg_ft_Dayostar & Dre-Ex Wawina

3. Yopimah Swag ft H.M-Chi Sound

4. Yopimah Swagg_ft_Major Vibes Siuzachita

5. Yopimah Swagg ft HM Na Discover