Iris talks about her dress code & Christianity!

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Mizinga Melu and Iris are two different people!

Coach Franklin writes;

I’m back again


Two different women Mizinga and Iris

They both have been to school and acquired knowledge and skills but they both chose to live different lives

Mizinga is in business or cooperate world while Iris is in entertainment industry and they both make ends meet which is the main point at the end of the day

I saw a post which says “chose who to marry wisely “ and the picture below was posted

Personally I can’t advise you to marry Mizinga type just to fit the society or what people say and leave out Iris type which will make you happy and vice Versa. Men if you think Iris’s type will make happy go for it and close your ears to what people say at the End of the day it’s your marriage and your house we won’t be there. If Mizinga is your type go for it and close your ears to what the society is saying

They are both women with different lifestyle

The problem with men is they will marry Mizinga type and leave her at home and be chilling with Iris’s type every weekend, why not just marry Iris’s type and be doing everything with her?

If you were waiting for me to compare these two I’m sorry lol there’s no comparison here. Happiness is everything

Local prophet defends Iris!

Isaiah Brian Sovi, who went trending for his recent private wedding with British Gospel Musician , has put up a post that seems to defend the close to nude images that have been posted by Iris Kaingu on her social media.

He wrote;

Should Christian ladies wear mini skirts? Will it stop then from going to heaven? I don’t know… but I know God in his wisdom created Adam and Eve NAKED.”

Iris Kaingu was once also spotted in one of his church services where he was seen praying for her.