#BitterTruth-Chipata Artists are not united


Chipata Artists are not united

In Chipata there is real talent which needs massive promotion and a United mind to make it.The problem I have noticed is jealous among artists,lack of seriousness among record owners which is not suppose to be the case. Today nobody wants to be signed by a record label based in Chipata. Everyone wish they had a chance to belong to a music camp in copperbelt or Lusaka. Look how Copperbelt shares a link of one artist. How they embrace uprising artists, look how they believe in there dances and the so called noise music. Today Zambia is made to listen to Chanda Na Kay ,the music without any positive message to better the lives Zambians yet in Chipata Yamalaza has a song talking about real life issues. If Popular people, Radio DJ’s, promoters, political leaders can unite and recognise the talent Chipata has,will not have one artist recognised as a big artist in Chipata. Let’s unite for better #LikeMypageDownload Chipata music here Zedhousezambia.com