“Mobile Station Taps Artist Afflatus as Brand Ambassador

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By Necha Vk

MobileStation, a leading mobile phone retail company, has signed an MoU with Afflatus, a popular influencer and artist, as their official brand ambassador. The move is not only aimed at boosting the company’s brand awareness and increasing its market share, but also at recognizing and promoting local talent. With Afflatus on board, Mobile Station hopes to leverage the influencer’s large following to promote their affordable and original mobile products and accessories, and connect with a wider audience.

As a company that is committed to promoting local talent, Mobile Station is challenging other businesses in the community to follow suit. The appointment of Afflatus as their brand ambassador is a way of recognizing the immense talent and potential of local musicians, and giving them the platform they need to reach a wider audience. The company believes that this is an important step towards promoting the growth of the local music industry, and they are excited to be at the forefront of this movement.

Through their partnership with Afflatus, Mobile Station hopes to inspire other businesses to support local talent and contribute to the development of the local music industry. The company believes that by working together, businesses and musicians can create a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone. Mobile Station is confident that their collaboration with Afflatus will be a success, and they are looking forward to promoting original and affordable mobile products while also uplifting local talent.