PMJ, the Rising Star from Chipata

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PMJ is a talented musician who draws inspiration from his early days of singing in church. His unique music style and creativity are exceptional, and he takes great joy in every jam he releases. PMJ’s creative abilities have vastly improved over time, as evidenced by the notable dichotomy between his past and present songs.

Influenced by the music of K Millian and Petersen Zagaze in his early career, PMJ later switched to Rudeboy and Patoranking. He is now more inclined towards Afrobeat music. These legendary artists have had a significant impact on his career.

Despite the major challenges he faces, including finance, promoters, sponsorship, and management, PMJ has managed to find ways to promote his music partially. He hopes to secure a full-time manager, sponsor, and promoter to help take his music to greater heights.

Looking to the future, PMJ aspires to become one of the major artists representing his province. He has big plans for this year, promising to release more audios, videos, and collaborate with prominent artists. He also appeals to his fans to expect frequent releases, unlike in the past.

In summary, PMJ is a talented artist with a unique music style and exceptional creativity. He is determined to overcome the challenges he faces and take his music career to the next level. With his determination and musical abilities, PMJ is poised to become a major player in the music industry.

By Necha vk